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Þ Hwy 88  That road that connects us all.

Þ 49 That road that connects Amador to Calaveras, Shenandoah, and Sac.

Þ Sac  What out of towners call Sacramento. Where Costco is.

Þ Upcountry Up 88, past Pine Grove, to Pioneer and beyond until you get to High Country.

Þ High Country  Keep going up 88 and eventually you’ll get to the jewel of the Sierras, the high country. Here you’ll find Bear River and Kirkwood, both in Amador County. Major snow.

Þ Upper Pioneer  Past Carson. Past the market. In the winter, think snow shovel and 4-wheel drive.

Þ Lower Pioneer  Below Carson. Below the market. Less snowy than Upper Pioneer but more than down country.

Þ Down Country  From Mid-Pine Grove to town, when it snows, it’s a celebration.

Þ Town Jackson/Martell. Where you’ll think you’ll only go once a week but usually end up going more often.

Þ Snow Line  The snow line is divided between above and below. This is important when looking for property. Want the snow? Look above, (Pioneer and higher). Want below? Look Pine Grove and lower. 

Þ The Fair  The week during the summer when everything shuts down. When cowboys and livestock strut their stuff. Inevitably the hottest days of the summer and tickets to the Destruction Derby always sell out.

Þ Local  What you’ll become with CATHERINE BURR as your REALTOR!

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