By Catherine Burr

Where else does a county start at 250 feet elevation and climb to 9,000 feet? Amador County does! The designated rural county covers 606 square miles, is a retired and vacation population, and boasts mining and gold rush history and still has the saloons to prove it.

Once you leave north east of the Bay Area, southeast of Sacramento (“Sac” to locals), and the hustle and bustle of the rest of California, you’ve landed in the “motherlode” or the “gold country,” also known to locals as simply, Amador County.

By the way, when you greet locals, don’t be surprised when they asked you, “how long you’ve been here?” Locals size up outsiders pretty quickly, but they are down right friendly and will be glad to tell you about their families 150 year history in Amador County.

The rolling hills in Amador County are green in the winter and glorious wheat-colored in the summer. From the gold-rush days, there is still historic towns where you can walk on cobble-stone pathways as you seque from having a picnic in a park to local outdoor theatre.

Amador County has everything from wineries to skiing to lakes and rivers. Amador is truly a wonderful place you will love to call home.

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