Saving Energy Without Exerting Energy

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What’s the best way to save energy? By saving our own energy while we’re at it! What?? Read more about how to save energy costs without really thinking about it. ~catherine burr. The Best Way to Save Energy: To NOT Think About It Let these energy-monitoring devices do the work for you. Read Visit… Continued

July 30, 2014

Fix your own AC and save money

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It’s always frustrating when something goes haywire and you have to call a repairman, but what to do in the meantime? And is there a way to fix something yourself? For wacky air conditioners, here are some helpful tips that may help… ~catherine burr. Think Your AC Won’t Make it Through the Summer? We’ve Got… Continued

July 29, 2014

Year Round Decks

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We like our decks here in Amador County. Decks are one thing you will find in many of the homes here. And why not? We have beautiful pine and oak trees, and seasonal streams, and gorgeous landscape to enjoy outdoor living at its finest. So, we love our decks! Here are some tips to help… Continued

July 28, 2014

Are Home Grown Eggs Bad For Us?

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There’s nothing like farm fresh eggs, right? Or is there? Some reports may beg to differ. Here’s an article about lead in chicken eggs that may have you rethinking your backyard chickens. ~catherine burr. Lead in Chicken Eggs Raises Concerns for Locavores You’re raising chickens in your backyard for all the right reasons — but… Continued

July 23, 2014

Bear Proofing Your Property

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Here in Amador County, particularly here in Pine Grove, we have not only had bear sightings this summer, a bear was terrorizing a neighborhood until it was eventually shot and killed by an off-duty sheriff deputy. While we may think of bears as being cute and cuddly, they are a serious threat and should be… Continued

July 16, 2014